Witnesses Testify How Johnny Depp's Career Changed After Amber Heard's Op-Ed (L&C Daily)

Witnesses Testify How Johnny Depp’s Career Changed After Amber Heard’s Op-Ed (L&C Daily)

City Hall Business License Desk – Give Away Chamber of Commerce Membership Discount Flyers

I’m always amazed at how closely some chambers of commerce work with their local municipality, and how far apart other cities are with their chamber. Sometimes, a chamber sticks up for its members against a local ordinance, or some sort of hold up at a planning commission for a new business. The chamber obviously has to represent its members, and the interests of the business community, so there are bound to be hurt feelings from time to time, but that’s no reason that things can’t run smoother.

Need Help With Your Home Business? Try These Tips

Many are enticed by the idea of a home business, but they do not know the proper steps. If you fall into that category and don’t know where to start, then this article is for you.

Tired of Tyres?

Do you, like me, look at the long lists of road tyres that are available for purchase and wonder just how does anyone really know what they are buying? Could Bradley Wiggins actually tell the difference between a 700 x 23 and a 700 x 25 or a Schwalbe Ultremo vs a Continental Gatorskin?

Five Tips for Growing Sales at Craft Shows and Festivals

Everyone with products to offer has been and continues to be a customer on certain levels. Even if you’re so busy that you have no time for shopping other than the occasional trip to the grocery store or a quick foray into online shopping, you are a customer. As such, you know exactly why you buy the things you do, which means that when it comes to influencing customers and driving sales skyward, all you need to do is provide a little positive push in the right direction. By taking advantage of the time-honored skill of appealing to customers’ emotional side, you can influence their buying decision. While it is true that great products sell themselves, there are often many wonderful choices available at fairs and shows, meaning you need some kind of advantage over other vendors.

What “Sells” at the Arts and Crafts Shows?

What “sells” at the small and large arts and crafts shows and fairs? If you are asking this question because you want to start a business that is a “sure thing”, or even if you are already working the arts and crafts shows and festivals and are doing market research, you should know one thing – there is no firm answer to the question.