Witness Says Amber Heard's Forensic Psychologist 'Misrepresented' Tests and Results

Witness Says Amber Heard’s Forensic Psychologist ‘Misrepresented’ Tests and Results

Business Planning for Start-Ups

Some entrepreneurs believe in detailed planning, others like to fly by the seat of their pants. The survival record for business start-ups at about 51% suggest that some planning is essential; there are no records to reflect the number of really good projects that have been still-born through over analysis. The trick, as always, is to achieve a balance.

Start a Office Cleaning Business on Shoestring Budget

Can you really start a business on a shoestring budget? You sure can says Sam who has done it several times and showed others how to do the same. There is a simple way to go about it and it works very well. Here’s how to put the cart before the horse and get started in your own business with no money to begin with. This is the way to do it and it is proven to work very well.

Starting a Business on a Shoestring – Upstart Processes for Times of Economic Challenge

Business start ups may be the answer to the economic woes of our country, of our world. As long as we have a world wide market, there’s nothing wrong with using it. Let me help you accomplish that task.

Where Are Your Clients?

Select opportunities for new clients by combining what you can do, with what you want to do, by doing so it’s fun, you can be good in it and it is realistic. The best would be if you manage to develop a service or product that is hard to copy (a niche), because this will enable you to gain enough market share to put the competition behind you.

Don’t Get Hoodwinked Selling Your Business

Hoodwinked is an old expression that means to be deceived. It is sort of like “having the wool pulled over your eyes”. It can also mean to be ripped off or cheated or bamboozled or betrayed or lead astray. I think you get the picture. Well, if you are selling your business, don’t let a prospective buyer do anything like this to you. Be very vigilant when you begin the selling process.