Witness Repeatedly Vapes While Testifying During Johnny Depp Trial

Witness Repeatedly Vapes While Testifying During Johnny Depp Trial

The Eight Musts Of Marketing For Building A Million Pound Business

Until the last few years most businesses took a relatively laid back approach to their marketing virtually relying on clients finding them in order to spend their money! However, those good times are now a distant memory and In today’s cut-throat economic climate to develop a successful business you need to have strategies in place that are constantly building both your own professional profile as well as your customer base. In order to maximise your success you need to be targeting as many of the following areas as you can…

How to Prevent Lawsuits in Laundromats

Ever worried about having your laundromat being sued by a customer? This happens more often than you think. I here provide you with tips to reduce the possible likelihood of this.

A Business Plan Gives You Four Big Advantages

A business plan is not just for large corporate organsiations. It’s essential whatever your business size or stage of growth. Whether you’re starting out, with just the seed of an idea, or have been in business a number of years, a well-crafted plan will give you four big advantages.

Business Startup Guidelines

Setting up a business has many risks. To reduce those risks I have provided a set of guidelines that help you succeed in business and achieve the lifestyle you want.

What Does the Future Hold for Your Business? Getting Started on a Business Succession Plan

Part 1 of a 5 Part Series: As a business owner, you have at least a half million things to focus on at any given moment. Somewhere down the list is creating a plan for the succession of your business upon your eventual retirement or death.