Witness Questioned About Alleged Intoxicated Argument Between Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

Witness Questioned About Alleged Intoxicated Argument Between Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

You Got Here Just-In-Time!

As you reflect over your lifetime, how many times have you said or heard these words, “You got here just in time!” Offhand, I can easily think of at least a handful, possibly two hands full, in my lifetime. And, if I reflect a little longer, dozens of recollections start flooding my mind. Some memories are of me saying these words to my loved ones, friends, or colleagues. Other memories are when I recall these words being said to me. For example, I recall when I almost missed the school bus, the tour bus, the flight, the cruise liner, the deadline, the recital, the birthday surprise, big announcements, special occasions, or significant moments such as my child’s first steps.

Workplace Violence: How It Affects a Small Business

Want to know how workplace violence affects a business? Look at some of the things that happen to a small business if they have a workplace violence incident and are not prepared for the aftermath.

5 Tips for Starting Your Own E-Business

Starting your own small home-based business can be fun and exciting. It can also be a little tricky. Check out these tips to avoid the mistakes many would-be entrepreneurs make.

How to Write an Excellent Business Plan

This article describes techniques for writing an effective business plan. It provides an outline of concepts and strategies that may be applied towards most business plans.

Making Garden Waste Removal Simple

Owning a garden can bring a lot of joy. Whether it is a personal garden or one that is used for commercial purposes, growing things can bring you a certain satisfaction that cannot be found in any other manner.