Wild Court Moments

Wild Court Moments

10 Keys to Credit Card Processing

As a small business owner, you are inundated with offers from credit card processing companies that promise to save you money. Usually most offers start with a low rate. Each merchant services provider tries to trump another with that lower rate to win your business. If you have been in business for some time and switched processors, you might have realized that these low offers do not always pan out. This guide will show you the 10 keys you should follow if you want to get the most savings and best service from your credit card processor.

Is Twitter Hurting Your Small Business?

If you own and operate a small business then surely you’ve heard about using twitter as a way to promote your products and services. Right? Well, it’s my belief that you must be careful how often you “tweet”, otherwise you run the risk of hurting your small business. Give this short article a read to see why I say this.

SMB Technology Spending in 2012

2012 will be a challenging year on many fronts. First and foremost is the political upheaval that comes from a presidential election and all that surrounds it. The candidates’ political platforms can trickle down and affect the foundation of our economy; small and mid-sized businesses.

5 Secrets of the Top 1% Most Successful Business Leaders in the World

Are you successful but feel burned out working 50-70 hours per weeks? Do you feel your business or company hitting the proverbial wall and plateauing in production overall? The most successful business leaders know working harder and longer hours are not the answer to overall success and happiness. The following content is designed specifically to apply to multiple business industries, varied professional leadership positions and one’s own personal life. If these core concepts are learned and applied regularly in one’s own business and life, powerful positive results will result, and personal freedom and professional business success will be attainable again.

Glance At The CAD Industry – Are We Exploiting CAD Technology To The Best Of Abilities?

CAD Industry and the definition of “CAD” have changed over a period of time. CAD earlier was limited to creating digital drawings using AutoCAD Software only from rough sketches or hand drawn papers.