Wild Court Moments #98 Wrong Judge!

Wild Court Moments #98 Wrong Judge!

Avoid the Gaps and Realize Strategic Success

Creating a strategic plan is only the beginning of the journey towards realizing your desired outcomes. Once goals are set and a plan is prepared its time to execute. Most literature and thinking asserts that there is a gap between strategy and execution and that if that gap can be closed, you’ll reach your goals. You can find dozens of books dedicated to the study of closing the strategy-execution gap, but the body of writing only tells a partial story. Understand the three strategic gaps and dominate your competition.

Forming a California Foreign Corporation

A California Foreign Corporation is a required filing of any corporation that has been registered in another state (its domestic state) and is considered by the state to be doing business in California. While the state will not offer to interpret the law on your behalf, and while legal advice is always best sought from your lawyer or legal advisor, a loose, general rule of thumb is that if you run an online store and someone living in California purchases an item, you are not considered to be doing business in the state-but if you open a corporate office in California and ship the sold goods from there, you likely would be required to file your California Foreign Corporation.

5 Ways to Use the Summer Slump to Build Your Coaching Business

It’s summer. It’s hot. People are on vacation it seems all the time. No one is signing up for your teleclasses or any other of the wonderful things you are offering.

It Is About Freedom

If you are seeking greater personal and small business growth then you must create an environment that nurtures freedom. You may say, that’s obvious and you are right. What isn’t so obvious to the self-employed business owner, entrepreneur, solo professional or individual is how to be free.

Should You Get an Accountant For Your Small Business?

So you’ve started your small business. But the bills and paperwork are piling up. Is it time to get an accountant on the case? And if, so what should you expect?