Wild Court Moments #88   Karen In Court!

Wild Court Moments #88 Karen In Court!

How to Find a Steady Stream of New Clients for Your Salon or Spa

Have you ever heard a marketing consultant tell you that you need to identify your ideal client profile? Most folks start thinking about demographics: age, education, income level, marital status and occupation. But defining your ideal client goes beyond what the census bureau measures.

Time to Give Small Business a Chance – He Stood Up and Said at the White House Cabinet Meeting

Not long ago, I was imagining what it might be like to sit at a sub-cabinet meeting in the White House, and listening to the coordination of the various departments, and running a cohesive government. In considering all this, I feel as if the small business community has been left out in the cold. So I came up with this quick story. The year could be any year you wanted to be, you are the reader, and you can interpret this how you will.

Seven Ways to Uplevel Your Offerings Among Your Client Base: Retention Strategies for Small Business

Creating value for your clients is important for a small business owner. Once you have a customer in your fold, you want to keep them where they are, buying from you, for as long as possible. Often times, it’s easier to retain an existing client that it is to gain a new one. Offering value through resources and tools will help to keep them engaged with your business.

What To Look For When Trying To Find A Good Business Adviser

In today’s changing economic climate its not unusual for people to want to become self-employed or even radically change the way that their business works. Therefore, its a good idea to get some professional business advice from time to time.

Systemise Your Business With These Insider Techniques For Smart, Simple Systems

For many years I have been obsessed with creating simple, sleek, streamlined systems that improve business operations, create mass efficiency, boost profits and most importantly, give business owners back the enjoyment of again running their businesses. One of the things I enjoy most about what I do is often that spark that once existed when you started your business, seems to have evaporated when chaos sets in, but with a few simple tried and tested techniques you can eliminate all the headaches and frustrations in your business, so that you’re still a big part of it, but you’re in control of it, it doesn’t control you!