Wild Court Moments #87

Wild Court Moments #87

Office Complex and High Rise Office Building Detailing – The Use of Runners

If you are an auto detailer working in a high-rise office building and you really want to make bank then you are going to need to have some clean-cut, all-American looking college aged kids in polo shirts with your company logo running the keys back and forth collecting the money, and doing on the spot sales. Perhaps you might have a collection box in each office for your weekly wash services. People can put their money in an envelope with their car keys, and you can just collect the money and keys, do the washing, and return those keys back to where they belong.

How to Handle Filing and Paper Backlog

Filing backlog can be a business’s worse nightmare. Use practical tips to help you easily manage your filing backlog.

Natural Disasters Mean Booming Business For Some Entrepreneurs

When Hurricane Sandy struck the coastal areas of the Northeastern United States it left in its wake thousands of tons of natural and man-made debris scattered over a very large area. All of it requiring an enormous amount of cleanup. There were also thousands of homes and businesses damaged with all of them as well requiring repairs or assistance of one kind or another.

How to Keep Your Business Successful In a Bad Economy

Anyone paying honest attention knows the US economy is not doing well. With policies that are flooding businesses with more regulations and the unending calls for raising the tax burden on the most productive, it’s anyone’s guess if or when the stagnant US economy will revive.

Top 5 Suggestions to Get a Business Loan

In the last few years, all we have heard is how banks are no longer lending to small businesses. Well, if you still believe that, you may want to change your opinion. In July of 2012 the Wall Street Journal said that commercial lending was up 14% over the same period of 2011. I think that is very encouraging news.