Wild Court Moments #86 Blunt!

Wild Court Moments #86 Blunt!

Are You Sabotaging Important Contacts From Reaching You On LinkedIn?

One of the important systems every entrepreneur needs to have in their business is to connect their online and offline strategies. After my clients attend a face-to-face networking event, they will go online and connect with people they have just met. It’s a great way to bridge offline networking and online connections. It also gives them a second touch point so they continue cultivating that relationship with someone they just met in person. It’s at this point, things get interesting.

The Number One Time Management Tool for Successful Cleaning Business Owners

Today’s successful cleaning business owners are busier than ever. Here’s a time management tool you can implement to increase productivity and improve personal organizational skills. It may take a little time to learn and master, but it pays big dividends in greater efficiency / effectiveness in all areas of your life.

3 Tips To Finding Reputable Merchant Payment Solutions

Do you own a retail store or online business but are not yet accepting credit cards? You can search far and wide for the best payment solutions in the east and not find them, so be sure to do your research and get the best merchant service rates possible.

3 Parallel Benefits of Cloud Computing and Social Media for Small Business!

Cloud computing and Social Media is transforming small business and IT by enabling new services that drive value, accelerate innovation and reduce cost across the enterprise. We are living in the world of Web 2.0, where hundreds of millions of people are connected to the Internet and millions of those people are connected on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Twitter, using blogs, and posting on YouTube and Flickr.

The Serviced Office – It’s Always There for You, Even When It Isn’t

Would your day be easier if your phone calls were answered for you? Important calls never missed, unwanted calls fielded. Or maybe you would benefit from a credible business address in a location that’s just right for your business, with mail forwarded to your instructions?