Wild Court Moments #83

Wild Court Moments #83

Legal Entities and Business

Although in essence this is really a very simple concept, it does make for some interesting discussion points, especially noting that an understanding of how this all fits together, will also help you better understand the legal framework of the various types of businesses you could start. In essence there are two types of legal entities in the business world. One is a natural person, and the other is a legal person (also known as an artificial person).

Asset Inventory – A Valuable Business Tool

Business owners realize the value of having an inventory of their company’s assets. Once this daunting task is complete, it will serve many needs.

Are You a Leader? Top 5 Characteristics of Women in Leadership

What do successful women business leaders have in common? Do their leadership qualities differ? An understanding of the primary characteristics of women help in defining their character and persona as leaders.

How To Succeed In Your Small Business

Small businesses are more likely to fail, one group of studies shows. But does that mean one should avoid starting a business due to insufficient business acumen? We’re going to discuss some of the few things that cause small business to fail. It’s quite shocking that a number of small business owners have failed to consider the following important things when starting a business.

Starting With the Right Legal Business Type, Partnership

Having spent time working in several countries, across 3 continents, one of the business types I have found to be commonly used to trade under, is a Partnership. The thing about partnerships though is that there appears to be various forms of this type of business available depending on which country you live in. In some instances even the state or province you trade in will affect the options available to you.