Wild Court Moments #79 Dog Days #3

Wild Court Moments #79 Dog Days #3

How to Create Multiple Income Streams

Successful business owners understand one very important thing: multiple income streams are not a luxury, they are a necessity. [Tweet This.] When I had a chat with a client who has very profitable business, we evaluated his profitability factors. He realized that the majority of his income was tied to just one organization. There is a big risk factor with one main source of income tied to one organization.

Keep the People Happy!

Every have an ALL STAR employee and lose them due to a more attractive offer somewhere else? Even worse, every lose one because another working enviroment seems more attractive? Here are a few ways to make your work a little better for your employees.

Business Trouble: Who Ya’ Gonna Call?

The well-being of your small business is vital to your long-term success. Like a doctor, an on-call CFO can ensure your company’s long-term financial health.

The Section 179 Deduction Explained

The IRS’s Section 179 deduction is extremely important for every business owner to understand. As tax season approaches, you should know what this law means, as it gives you access to some outstanding deductions that could save your business money.

8 Simple Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Spending On Business Office Supplies

As an experienced Office Supplies Professional, I have listed 8 short ways on how Business Owners, HR Mangers, Procurement Managers and anyone that has any involvement in buying office stationery can reduce costs when it comes to purchasing stationery products. These recommendations will be sure to change the way you view your business supplies purchases.