Wild Court Moments #78

Wild Court Moments #78


Finding the Right Prospects For Your Small Painting Company

When people are looking to have their home painted they ask their family, friends and neighbors if they know any good, reputable painters in the hopes to avoid hiring an incompetent or inexperienced company. But, how do YOU as a owner of a small painting company avoid working for those less than desirable clients?

Why 2013 Saw a Rise in Small Business Sales in California

If you are contemplating selling your business in the state of California, it may interest you to know that business sales for 2013 were up from 2012. Selling a business is a big and sometimes difficult decision. Even so, many business owners find this recent increase in sales to be quite comforting, especially if they want some security to know that there is a stronger market out there for selling. In fact, many potential buyers hope that these positive numbers will induce more businesses on the fence about listing their business will knowing that the market is in a healthier place for business sales in the state.

Networking: Your Key to Contacts and Contracts

If you are interested in contracts for your small business, then networking is fundamental. Find information about how to use events in your area to find the contacts and the opportunities you need to compete for contracts with city, state, federal and corporate clients.

3 Tips for Struggling With Success: How to Get Back on Track With Your Vision – QUICKLY!

What’s the secret for overcoming doubt and frustration around achieving a particular outcome or result? I’ve found that there are 3 principles necessary for accomplishing any goal or vision.

Get More Lawn Care Leads With Quality Customer Testimonials

Discover how to get quality testimonials from your lawn care customers to get more leads and grow your business fast. Testimonials used to be worth their weight in gold. And while they are still important their value has decreased as social media has expanded. The main reason their value has decreased is because of the amount of fraudulent reviews that are posted. It has placed consumers on high alert and rightfully so.