Wild Court Moments #75

Wild Court Moments #75

Canada New Anti-Spam Law Worrying Small Business

In Canada the recent Anti-Spam Law is causing concern for small businesses in Canada, but why? Since July 1, 2014 it has been illegal for commercial businesses to send emails or electronic correspondence (which can even be advertising within social media) to Canadians without their express permission to do so. So, small businesses in the country cannot promote their wares or services to an audience of “potential” customer any longer.

Want to Be a Biz Success? Become the Least Important Person Around

Every time you swoop in to take over a task handled by a team member differently than you might do it, you’re putting another nail in the coffin of your dreams for independence through business ownership. Every time you say “I’ll do it” you’ve taken a step back from the life you seek through business ownership. And, horror of horrors, when you proclaim “this place wouldn’t last a day without me” you’ve just damned your next vacation plans and diminished the value of your enterprise by dollars and years.

Business Success Is All About Making Decisions

Is your business stagnating? Do you find yourself procrastinating about investing time and money in your business? Should I run a Facebook campaign or should I stick to the half page advertisement in the local paper? Should I hire a web designer or stumble over it myself? What is working now?

Destress From Email Distress

There are enough things to attend to when running your business, so the last thing that you need is being online to emails 24 hours per day. One of the simplest and easiest ways to de-stress from email distress is to simply to turn off. You do not need to be online 24 hours a day unless you are in an emergency or support role of some kind.

5 Skills Needed by A Catering Start-Up Owner

Putting up a business is just part of the big challenge you’ll be facing as a start-up entrepreneur. Learn some skills that will valuable in starting your own small catering venture.