Wild Court Moments #71 Undercover!

Wild Court Moments #71 Undercover!

Booklet Tips – Selling Single Copies

You may think selling single copies of your tips booklet is the only way to go, whether it’s hard copies, downloads, or both. It’s a common, traditional, easy-to-understand approach of providing one copy directly to the end-user. There are plenty of good reasons why single copy sales work and will always work. Whether you stay with only selling single copies or use that as a springboard to adding or changing over to primarily bulk sales, you get to choose what works best for you and your business. It could be only single copies, only bulk sales, or a mix of both.

Why Having A Sales Plan Is An Essential Component To Your Marketing Plan In a Small Business

Why is it that people in a small business do not generally create and implement a “marketing plan?” And, why is it that people in a small business also do not generally have a “sales plan” to compliment the marketing plan? Even if your plan is in your head, how are you tracking your activities? These are questions I ponder as I talk with small business owners every day.

What’s The Plan, Stan?

When it comes to creating your successful business, one that will support you financially in the manner you dream of, you need a plan. This four-step solution will help you create (and implement) a business-building plan.

Does My Startup (Small/Medium Sized Business) Need a CIO/ CTO?

Many fledgling companies have to deal with the complex decision of what they should and should not spend for technology. These are often “make or break” decisions that could have severe impacts to businesses that do not have cash to spare. One of the bigger decisions is to hire a Chief Information Officer(CIO)/ Chief Technology Officer(CTO). This article discusses the role of the CIO/CTO and how to determine if your organization is prepared for a full time CIO/CTO.

Is It Time for SMEs to Take IT Seriously?

It could be said we all take the internet and our new technology for granted. Even those of us who have been around for a while have become used to Tweeting on the move or sending emails and working on our tablets and laptops, connected to each other by the wonder of Wi-Fi. Most of us will have some sort of virus software on our devices, and that’s often all we need to do to keep ourselves relatively safe.