Wild Court Moments #109

Wild Court Moments #109

Hosted POS Software Allows More Freedom In Business

Many business owners find themselves in the situation of becoming an expert in information technology in order to run their business in the most logical fashion. This is especially true for those business owners who have multiple locations and stores that need to communicate properly in terms of inventory and reporting. Utilizing hosted POS software can allow a business owner more freedom to do business instead of wasting time and money on other IT related issues.

Customer Appointment Scheduling Software for Salons, Spas Makes the Booking Process Easier

Customer appointment scheduling software is the perfect tool for salons and spas looking to improve their booking procedures. It offers such functionality as online client self-scheduling and automated e-mail and text message reminders.

Mastermind Groups: Three Reasons Why Business Mastermind Groups Fail To Deliver

If you’ve been in the business world for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of business mastermind groups. The power of this third mind, the mastermind, is why so many small business owners seek out business mastermind groups. Yet far too many of these groups either fail or never get off the ground.

The 80% Factor

Penny pinchers know all about imperfections. So as business owners, we make up for the imperfect business world by creating reserves on our financial statements. Penny pinchers are constantly creating these reserves for the imperfections with our customers, vendors, products and services.

3 Tips To Maximize Your Google Local Business Maps Listing

Each and every marketplace and industry is getting more and more competitive by the day. Before we even consider the changes from the consumer behavior side of this formula, you NEED TO UNDERSTAND how to adapt and maximize the free tools available to expose and capture the free and targeted traffic that your Google Local Business Maps listing can provide to you. Were you aware that 46% OF BUSINESSES are still without a website – amazing isn’t it? Now you may be thinking this statistic was from January of 2000, but I nearly fell out of my chair when doing market research in January, 2011.