Wild Court Moments #106

Wild Court Moments #106

How To Start a Custom Built Ins Business

There are many people who are interested in custom built ins. If you are one that falls into this category, don’t hide from it. Even if you have space constraints, do not make this limitation the biggest hurdle in the realization of your dream. These types of businesses can be easily run from your basement or garage and generally require little money to get started.

Teaching Creativity

Any successful entrepreneur or chief executive will tell you that business is a highly creative exercise. Every day brings unlimited opportunities and challenges, which we must meet with limited resources. A painter can’t cover every square inch of her canvas with every color on her palette. She has to pick and choose which colors to use where, and sometimes which places to leave untouched.

You Need Good Business Credit to Get a Loan – Do You Have It?

There are so many reasons that your business may need a loan – cash flow problems, to cover an emergency, or expansion plans. Business credit is one the basic foundations of owning, operating and growing a business. Do you know what’s in your business credit history report?

Easy And Effective Tech Fixes At Your Fingertips

Some stuff won’t ever work the way we want it to. To wit: That cellular dead spot on Route 23 in Merion, Pa., will remain dead. Home printers will drop off their networks, only to later spring back to life, all for no apparent reason. And your Sirius signal will continue to cut out at the exact moment Howard Stern is grilling that new porn star. The same is true at the office–printers fail; computers crash; the Web wobbles. All of which has nothing to do with another fact of life: There are plenty of things–at minimal expense–you can do right now to make life easier and your hours more productive. Here are but a few.

Is Your Business Phone Being Answered Properly?

I am almost 100% sure that your employees are not answering the phone properly, and it’s hurting your small business. Let me explain: The most common “short cut” an employee will make is to answer the phone the following way, “Name of business, this is Cindy.” And more often than not, and maybe every time, they sound like they either don’t want to be there, are super busy, or they are short with customers.