Wild Court Moments #104

Wild Court Moments #104

Why Hire a Good Wedding Planner?

You might be wondering: Why do you need a Wedding Planner? What role does a Wedding Planner play? I asked myself the same questions, but on my wedding day I realized just how much a wedding planner would help…

A Reputation To Uphold

In a previous post we looked at reputation and how a good reputation is integral to small business and personal success. In the end, reputation is about the character of you and your business, as perceived by others. And, character is the result of two attributes, ability and dependability.

Why Every Business Needs a Business Plan

In order for a business to be successful and thrive, as well as take a profit to ensure its survival in a competitive marketplace, the owners must have a firm understanding of their customers, their company’s strengths and weaknesses, and those of the competition. To optimise your business’s chances of success, there should be plans in place for future expansion or development of the business, as well as a demonstration of an understanding of the business’s current and future financial needs. This is particularly important, as virtually every business requires some sort of start-up capital, as well as expansion or…

Group Discounts: A Benefit or Burden to Small Businesses?

Seems like everybody is jumping on the bandwagon with these group type discounts. But are they really that beneficial for small business owners? Maybe, if used as part of a bigger overall marketing plan or effort at branding your service or good.

Have You Set a Definite Mission?

You have probably set Definite Missions at different times in your life. I have. They were all major steps for me and helped me accomplish a high priority at a particular point in my life.