Wild Court Moments #103

Wild Court Moments #103

Networking – A Must for Small Business Owners

Joining your local Chamber of Commerce is a necessary first step as a new small business owner. There you will find people in the same boat as yourself – people with a vested interest in your local economy and owners of small business themselves. Many of these people have years of experience in running a businesses. As you meet them and learn more about their businesses and begin to share the story of your small business, you will gain invaluable allies in this new venture of yours. They will become your biggest supporters, cheering you on and assisting you in innumerable ways to reach the goals you have for your small business. Take every opportunity to gain any small business help that they are willing to offer.

Unhappy Customers – Complaint Resolution for Small Business Owners

While happy customers may never talk to anyone about your business, unhappy customers will be sure to talk to everyone about your business and their problems with it! They will be sure to complain to their family friends, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and anyone else that will listen about your shoddy workmanship, horrible customer service, and exorbitant prices. With the arrival of the internet, the unhappy customer has gotten even louder and more vocal as they now can spread negative reviews on many different websites, in each loudly decrying your company and its products. They will not be happy until they have told their story to the whole world.

Should Your Small Business Use a Home Office or Rent Space?

Is this a financial decision, a marketing decision or a self-discipline issue? From a financial standpoint it is clearly cheaper to use a part of your home, rather than paying rent. In Canada you are allowed to deduct home expenses from your self-employment income, provided that you are showing a profit from your home based business.

The Business Value Of A Wholesale Deals Review

As a wholesaler, it really makes good business sense to have a wholesale deals review singing your praises to prospective customers. The number of people who claim to be wholesalers is incredible. But, what is even more incredible is the fact that most of them are actually fraudulent.

What Fees Are Required For A Merchant Account?

Opening a merchant account can prove to be a great turnaround for your business. This is so because you will be able to welcome more customers who would like to pay with their credit cards and this means that your business will definitely grow.