Why Didn't Johnny Depp's Lawyers Play Amber Heard's Testimony in Closing Arguments?

Why Didn’t Johnny Depp’s Lawyers Play Amber Heard’s Testimony in Closing Arguments?

Why You Must Create a Niche Market For Your Business to Be Successful

As of 2010, Dun and Bradstreet estimated there were about 23 million small businesses in the United States. According to Kent Bernhard Jr. at Portfolio.com, since the recession started in 2007 due to the collapse of the housing market, there has been an incline of businesses in the business service sector (B2B) and a decline in customer facing businesses. The main reason for this is because consumers have cut back on their spending and retailers have struggled to survive.

Home Inventory Industry – The Purpose Is To Help People

One key to success is to love what you do. When a profession allows you to help people, you’re on your way to living a life of purpose.

Becoming A Small Business Owner To Change Your Life

These days it is hard to find something you love to do and make money for it. Far too many people are stuck behind desks doing a job that they have no desire for, and find that each day waking up and going to work has become a burden. When you’re burdened, you stress out a lot easier.

Life of a Private Investigator – Contrast Between the Real and Fiction

The very term “private investigator” brings to mind those classic characters you see in books and movies like Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. Human mind has always had a fascination for mystery and crime which is why all ages and all cultures had their own private detectives like Poirot, Holmes and Miss Marple in the UK, Jules Maigret in France, Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade in the United States.

Why Did I Start My Own Small Business?

So you are thinking about starting your own business? Starting my own business had been a dream of mine since a friend first talked to me about it in 2007. Then the dream became an idea, then a plan and after several months a business was born in 2008. What I didn’t and couldn’t plan for was the relationships that would grow from this dream, the partnerships, new friends and the shared respect that comes from other business owners who also had the courage to take their dream and turn it into a business. Starting your own business will be a journey well worth taking.