Who Else Will Be Charged in Jeffrey Epstein Sex Ring? Bill Cosby Breaks Silence, Brittney Griner

Who Else Will Be Charged in Jeffrey Epstein Sex Ring? Bill Cosby Breaks Silence, Brittney Griner

Small Business Tips: Thirteen Secrets Revealed

Is your small business falling into a dangerous trap? Follow these small business tips and learn from those who have already made some costly mistakes so you don’t have to! Write out your Passion and Vision. What is your plan/goals to get your life’s dream business and lifestyle? Only you can make these secret tips work for you – they are only secret, if they are hidden in your business. I have read that action breeds confidence and courage!

Lawncare Business: Replacing and Managing Equipment

Learn the ins and outs of the lawncare business. The article focuses on equipment maintenance.

What You Need To Know To Start Your Own Business

There are two reasons why people go into business for themselves and those are, to have more time and to have more money. They want the ability to live life on their terms and have the financial security and independence of a lucrative business that can run without them. To be successful in business, a growth mindset is the key ingredient.

Things You Must Know Before You Create A Business Plan

The most prevalent complaint between venture capitalists and other business plan evaluators is that the plan doesn’t plainly describe both the opportunity and risks. This opinion is equally relevant to the executive summary, since that is the part of the business plan which is read first and decides whether the reader will read further into the plan.

Small Business Startup Ideas

The news is in abeyance that there are no longer jobs to accommodate the massive number of graduates all around the world. There are millions of graduates hovering the streets looking for one job opportunity or the other to engage themselves in. To be honest and sincere, it is imperative for graduates to be enlightened and informed about small businesses they could engage themselves in after having left the four walls of the college; the essence of this is so as to give the graduate an option in a situation whereby the availability of jobs is minimal just as is obtainable today. Small businesses are the only means for the graduate to put some money in his pocket pending when he can get a paying job. While some graduates have delved into business after coming into self realization, most graduates still prefer sitting on the computer and blasting their resumes with the hope that one day they will get called on to come for an interview. I am not saying it is a bad idea to send out resumes; what I am driving at is that graduates should activate their sixth sense.