What's Next For Johnny Depp's Lawyer Camille Vasquez?

What’s Next For Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Camille Vasquez?

Top 3 Things to Focus on When Starting a Small Business

Early stage business owners go through a similar life cycle that key to understand when you start your own business. I did a study last year to understand what successful business owners do differently and what they focus on in the early stage. These are the key drivers I found for early success.

Why Small Businesses Needn’t Take Risks With Pre Employment Screening

Whilst large businesses, and many medium sized businesses have comprehensive pre employment screening procedures in place, many smaller businesses are struggling to process applications effectively. This is leading to a situation where many small businesses are becoming open to a whole range of security issues, from fraud to the risk of employing someone who is not legally permitted to work in the UK.

Recent Report on Small Business Federal Contracting Trends Encourages Persistence

Despite a weak economy, it seems federal procurement is still a viable market for businesses interested in selling their products and services to government buyers. Last December, the American Express OPEN for Government Contracts: Victory in Procurement (VIP) for Small Business Program released their 2011 “Trends in Federal Contracting for Small Businesses” report. Overall, it shows that while spending is on a downward trend opportunities still exist for small businesses, especially those with contracting experience.

Imagine the Impact of New Years Resolutions

I have been going to the gym on the same regular schedule for the past 2 years. Every January the locker room is flooded with resolutioners who have made a pledge to be more fit for the New Year. This year, not even halfway through January the new crowd has already decreased significantly.

Are the Business Band Aids Draining Your Profits?

I have had the privilege of auditing over 100 companies in many different industries in the past eighteen years. I noticed that there is one thing that is consistent for companies that have been in business over eight years. There are a lot of activities that waste time and resources and do not add any value to the organizational processes.