'We're Going to Make the Media Pay For What They Did to Me,' Kyle Rittenhouse Says

‘We’re Going to Make the Media Pay For What They Did to Me,’ Kyle Rittenhouse Says

Stop Wasting Half of Your Marketing Budget

Money spent on messages that reach the wrong audience or that don’t produce the desired action is wasted. By analyzing the response and conversion rate for each Ad and comparing that to its cost, you’ll know the effectiveness of each Ad and eliminate marketing budget waste..

5 Simple and Elegant Ideas for Marketing Your Business During the Holidays

The Holiday time can be a challenge and you may think this is a terrible time to market your programs and services but let’s think about that again! It seems like I have gotten more holiday cards earlier this year than usual. I have barely even thought about them yet so I best get going!

What Is a Joint Business Venture?

Practically any day of the week, you can pick a business newspaper and read about joint ventures between countries, governments at levels, universities, mega-corps, big companies, and associations. Why?

Why You Should Consider a Joint Venture

If you are strategic in your alliances, a joint venture can be a powerful way to dramatically increase your income in very little time, with very little expense. Here are just a few of the reasons why: joint ventures can strengthen your existing relationship with customers and subscribers by offering them increased value. If you can find a top-quality product or service to offer your customers and subscribers at an excellent value, then it will reflect positively on you and your business.

How Small Businesses Use Promotion Strategies to Increase Customer Awareness and Boost Sales

Small businesses (SMEs) with limited budgets and resources have to make strategic choices on promotion – that is, how to raise customer awareness of their products and services. Advertising, sales promotions, direct marketing, personal selling are all methods to raise brand and product familiarity within a target market. Promotion activity involves using advertising and other marketing techniques to sell products. This article looks at how SMEs put together an effective promotional mix by combining these methods to spread their message and provide a reasonable return on investment (ROI).