Week 4 Recap & Key Moments of Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Trial (Sidebar Podcast EP. 11)

Week 4 Recap & Key Moments of Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Trial (Sidebar Podcast EP. 11)

Utilize Plastic Shopping Bags In Different Ways

With the upcoming holidays, you may find yourself with an overload of shopping bags, gift wrap, and tissue paper. During December, most of us are frantically hustling about doing last minute Christmas shopping for the kids and significant others. After awhile, room and space starts to run out as the shopping bags pile up.

What Kind of Business Should You Choose?

What type of business do you belong in? In what kind of business will you feel you can do your best without stress and burn-out? According to Robert Allen, there are 4 types of business. So, let’s have a quick test.

Use Value Based Selling Whenever Possible

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. Master the art of making your value offer appear much greater than your asking price, in your customer’s mind and emotions, and you will close a lot more sales.

The 12 Standard Forms And Packages Of Economic Value That People Are Willing To Pay For

People love patterns, they like familiar things. We are creatures of habit and pattern. When it comes to business, over time, people have come to expect to buy value in particular forms.

Find A Market First, Then Build The Business

The typical mistake made by most people in business is to get a product, build a business, and then find a market. I don’t know why, but the natural way for almost all of us is to think of getting a product, building a business, and then finding the market.