"We planned to do mushrooms & drink wine for our bridal party" Says Amber Heard

“We planned to do mushrooms & drink wine for our bridal party” Says Amber Heard

3 Steps To Gaining Financial Control Using Online Software Solutions

Over the past couple of weeks we talked about setting SMART goals and about reflecting on all of our accomplishments in 2012. Well now it’s time to start checking off those goals for 2013. So to help, I have created a 3 step system to gaining financial control that is sure to guide you.

Five Things to Think About Before Starting a Photography Business

If you’re reading this article, odds are someone has told you that you take really great pictures and you should start up your own business. It’s exciting to think about turning your passion into your full time job, but before you jump head first into this endeavor here are a few things you should think about.

The Truth About What a Buyer Really Wants When Purchasing a Business

Imagine you are going to take out a loan out from a bank and all your personal assets are going to be used as collateral and you will be putting a large sum of money down to buy a business. Would you buy just any business or would you be particular about the business you bought? Truth be known, buyers are particular and they are more particular today than ever before.

What Features Do You Need On a Hot Dog Cart?

Because in most states you can only serve non potentially hazardous foods you will want to make sure the features you want to add will serve you well. There is no reason to have a deep fryer if your state doesn’t allow you to deep fry anything.

How to Keep Records on Your Hot Dog Business?

I know it’s boring, but it is important. A successful business will always have good records. Luckily with the HDV business it is super easy.