Watch Live: TN v Billy Ray Turner Trial Day 6 - VERDICT REACHED!

Watch Live: TN v Billy Ray Turner Trial Day 6 – VERDICT REACHED!

Delivery Route: A Desirable Small Business

One desirable business that has become a gold mine in the franchising world is the delivery route. Delivery routes are profit generating investments which are very lucrative and industrious. They give you the opportunity to be your own boss. Most routes aren’t sold with just an established book of business but also with all the equipment needed to do the work.

Business Sale to a Competitor – Why They Always Pay Less

This article reviews the reasons why a competitor or strategic buyer will pay less, not more, for a business. It contradicts much of the information circulating in the industry.

Choosing the Right Milk Pasteurization Equipment for Your Dairy Business

There are several major dairy equipment and milk processing machines such as homogenizers, milk pouch machines, storage milk tanks, dairy products, milk pasteurizer equipment, soft drink pouch packaging machines, refrigeration systems, milk pumps, industrialized homogenizers, Clean-in-place (CIP) systems are installed primarily in liquid processes, like dairy, for the purpose of cleaning the interior of the equipment without disassembling it. Dairy processing involves pasteurization, separation, and drying, mixing and cheese-making storage. Pasteurization is the heat treatment of a product to eliminate pathogenic bacteria and condense enzymatic activity.

Important Manufacturing Metrics That Help in Increasing Efficiency

We may say a thousand things about business, but ultimately, business is a sheer number game. Essentially, everything in a business is decided by profit and loss numbers. Revenue generated, orders fulfilled and other such data have great importance in business. Some key performance indicators become the guiding metrics for a business. Correct assessment of those metrics is very important for running a business successfully.

3 Tips For Surviving Commercial Driver Shortage

The shortage of commercial drivers is no longer a news. In 2015, there was a report of over 30 000 empty seats which needed to be filled in the United States and the problem has kept escalating since then. It so surprising that there is a shortage of commercial drivers when commercial driving schools, as well as trucking companies, have been pumping out newly trained drivers.