WATCH LIVE: Ryan Duke Trial in Tara Grinstead Murder Day 5 - Ashley Hinkle - Forensic Biologist

WATCH LIVE: Ryan Duke Trial in Tara Grinstead Murder Day 5 – Ashley Hinkle – Forensic Biologist

How to Deal With Your Business Distractions

Whether we like it or not, there are always distractions lying around to take our attention away from our business responsibilities – especially since the advent of the internet. Here a freelance business writer shares her interpretation of key business distractions identified by some well-known business gurus.

Prompt Aircraft Corrosion Repair Saves Money Down the Road

Corrosion in a fuel system can cause an aircraft to be grounded until repairs can be carried out, resulting in a potential loss of revenue for the owner-operator. Fortunately, catching the corrosion early can minimize the time needed for repairs and aircraft down time. As a result, early aircraft corrosion detection and repair is a critical part of any aircraft maintenance program.

Choosing Cool Baby Clothes for Your Friend’s Baby Shower

I think my biggest fear is being invited to a baby shower for a close friend or relative. Deciding what to buy without breaking the bank isn’t an easy task.

5 Reasons You Won’t Make Money

I went to a wonderful networking event last night and met Loral Langemeier, 4 time best selling author who shared with us these ideas on wealth creation. These are the top 5 reasons most people don’t make money in their businesses.

Starting a Business on a Dime

While there are many people who truly have the skills, drive, and dreams to start their own business, most simply cannot seem to afford it. For these people, finding the right investors may seem impossible as well. If you fit into this category, if you know you have what it takes to run a business and just need a boost to get started, here are a few ideas for how to start that business with little or no cash.