WATCH LIVE: Ryan Duke Trial in Tara Grinstead Murder Day 4

WATCH LIVE: Ryan Duke Trial in Tara Grinstead Murder Day 4

Quota Clients or Quality Clients

How you approach your buyers can mean the difference between you having a customer for the long haul or a customer just one time. What type of selling are you doing with the buyers that buy from you?

What Your Wedding Album Should Have

Your wedding is one of those events in your life that may only happen once. You would want to remember that day until you are old. The best way to do this is to capture the moments in photographs. While videography is becoming more common, nothing beats the power of still photographs. You can compile the best images into one album with the help of a professional photographer.

Writing Your Small Business Plan

Making the decision to start up your own small business can be one of the biggest choices you make in your life. Running a business takes serious commitment, and a lot of hard work, and isn’t a decision that should be entered into lightly, but if you have decided that this is definitely the route for you, then writing up your business plan is one of the first things you need to consider.

How to Create a Salon Website For Less Than $100

Every salon business needs to have an online presence. Unfortunately, most salon owners aren’t always computer literate and will often be quoted exorbitant prices for the creation of their websites. As a result they will often go without.This article explains how to put a professional salon website together for less than $100.

Stuck Systemising? 3 Signs You Are Missing Systems in Your Business

If you have started creating systems in your business and then hit a brick wall, it could be because you actually don’t really have any more systems to document, it may just be that you have many ad hoc and random ways of working that seem to change with every client or customer. In these situations, documenting can be near impossible because you just can’t put your finger on exactly it is that you do each time for XYZ process. There are a few reasons you may be stuck, and below are 5 of the key signs that…