WATCH LIVE: Ryan Duke Trial in Tara Grinstead Murder Day 2 - Jeff Roesler-Crime Scene Specialist-GBI

WATCH LIVE: Ryan Duke Trial in Tara Grinstead Murder Day 2 – Jeff Roesler-Crime Scene Specialist-GBI

Considerations When Establishing A Small Business

Research carried out around the globe indicate repeatedly that the possibilities of a small business declining is higher than ever before. One would wonder if the people who started such business would have the required business acumen to be successful.

Corporate Logo, Corporate Identity!

Corporate – a word that gives nightmares to people. Why so? Because it’s tough. The pressure it exerts upon an organization can either led them to intense hard work or can bring them down. It’s not just about sitting in an office and completing your daily tasks; you have to be at the top of the game to survive the mounting wave of competition.

Choosing a Photocopier

Choosing a photocopier may require you to consider certain important factors such as how much the photocopier will be used. The next may be the quantity of copies that will be made daily or each week. It is also necessary to know that if the business grows, this will directly affect the photocopier machine. Hence, find out about the photocopier options available out there as per the needs and requirements of your business.

Being an Outside Manager Inside a Family Owned Business

When John Bristol accepted the position of General Manager at Smith and Sons Freight Company, he never thought he would be spending most of his time refereeing arguments between competing family members; each trying to establish their own policies and growth planning for self-interest. John clearly understands that an efficient hired manager sees to it that all employees – family and non-family alike – know to whom to report at all times. Family patriarch, Len Smith Sr…

A Quick Guide to Federal Grants and Contracts

Even though some of these websites are genuine, some have tried to take advantage of small businesses to make money for themselves. This has led to a lot of misinformation about Federal grants and contracts.