WATCH LIVE: NJ v Michael Barisone Trial Day 3 - Vanessa Medrano-Cortez - Child Protective Services

WATCH LIVE: NJ v Michael Barisone Trial Day 3 – Vanessa Medrano-Cortez – Child Protective Services

Elon Musk and His Mission (Statement)

“If something is important enough you should try, even if the probably outcome is failure.” -Elon Musk – The sort of lifestyle that I lead I tend to be always on the go, or trying to find ways to improve myself. As you may have already noticed reading my little blurbs, my nose is constantly in a book or my mind is set about trying to find a way to improve my business or life in general.

3 Days of Small Business – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow: Developing a Long Lasting Business Mindset

A timeless truth in business is that to be successful, you must have the right mindset for business ownership. It was true a thousand years ago and will be true still a thousand years from today. Reading this article, you’ll learn a secret from yesterday that can change your mindset for a better tomorrow, starting the moment you put the secret into action.

Big Data and Small Business

When the term “big data” is used, what does it really mean? Jon Miller, co-founder and CEO of Marketo, calls big data a catch-all term for very large and complex data sets that exceed the processing capabilities of the typical available computer software. In general, big data refers to the compilation of everything that takes place over the internet: transcripts from Twitter comments or call center conversations, online videos, podcast uploads and visits, webinar broadcasts, all blog postings, all website visits, all credit card transactions, all ATM activity, all online purchases, online advertisements, music downloads and photo uploads.

Becoming a Successful Small Business Owner: The Dream of Many and the Fantasy of Most

A common problem for small business owners and those who aspire to become the owner of a business is getting lost day after day in a tidal wave of inaction due to information overload and the onslaught of new ideas. This article explains how to replace inaction with implementation.

Finish It Up Friday: Why I Don’t Require My Team to Work on Friday

How do you and your team feel about Fridays? My article explains how to work four days a week and use Friday’s to “Finish it all up.” Getting work done and also having a work/life balance is imperative. My tips can help your team become more productive.