Watch Live: Markel Murder Case Sentencing - FL v. Katherine Magbanua

Watch Live: Markel Murder Case Sentencing – FL v. Katherine Magbanua

Opening a Clothes Shop: Is This Something For You?

Opening a clothes shop is easy, but you should note that it’s not for everyone either. A few entrepreneurs will manage to find success in their field if they are lucky enough to realize that there is more to this work than retailing.

Self Employment Ideas – A Pink Slip Opportunity

Are you scared of getting the pink slip and don’t know what to do? Perhaps you are thinking about the feasibility of starting your own business so you’ll never need to face the same situation again. That’s fine as profitable small businesses often begin with bright self employment ideas. There certainly are hundreds of top business ideas around so you are bound to find the right one for you.

Get the Most From Your Logo Designer

So, you own a small business and you want a new logo for your company. You have a small budget and would like to brief a Graphic Designer to do the work. In the following article I will outline some tips on how to brief your chosen designer and get the best job for your money:

To Develop The Best Business Model Possible, Political Correctness Must Go

“Political correctness” is the destroyer of growth and development. It’s only result is mediocrity. The cure-developing candor, freeing your people to speak the brutal truth without risk (in fact with encouragement and rewards), supporting and promoting candid discussion-supports the free flow of ideas, resulting in a better business model. Unfortunately, we are all taught at a very early age that if you cannot say something nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all. Ridiculous! We must root out this “politically correct” concept.

Booked Sales Vs Accounts Receivable Collections Vs Cash Flow: Understand The Difference

Small business owners love to trick themselves, playing games with the numbers, making themselves feel their business is better than it really is. It’s a dangerous game. Here is one of the most popular ways this occurs…