WATCH LIVE: Love Triangle Double Murder Trial - CO v. Kevin Dean Eastman Day 2

WATCH LIVE: Love Triangle Double Murder Trial – CO v. Kevin Dean Eastman Day 2

Candles Are an End to Darkness

At Christmas time, church candles are used to light up the church. Candles are the most popular at this time of the year.

The Three Questions to Ask Before Hiring for Your First Employee for Your Fashion Business

When we think about hiring our first employee for our small business, the idea can be pretty scary. Can I afford it? How will I find the right person?

Preventing Fraud in Your Small Business

Fraud affects an extraordinary number of businesses and organizations worldwide. Small businesses do not need to fall victim to fraud. There are many controls that can be put into place to wipe out the opportunity for fraud.

Small Business Ideas and Products

A good small business idea or product has to stand on it’s own two feet. Where do you start finding the right product for you? There’s a number of different ways here: Either you want to make your own product and you are good with your hands in this respect, say, sewing, candle making or carpentry, or, you have seen a product and you want to source or import the same or something similar.

Should Small Business People Abide By Laws Created by Their Competition’s Lobbyists – Debate

One thing that always had concerned me while running a small business, and later franchising my company was that there were so many laws, rules, and regulations which were in place not to protect the public, our employees, or keep everyone honest, these rules and regulations were put into effect because lobbyists had lobbied counties, states, and federal government politicians and agencies to introduce rules that would protect them from competitors. If you doubt this, it’s probably because you’ve never run a business, or you are not savvy enough to understand how the world really works. Not long ago,…