Watch Live: Love Triangle Double Murder Trial - CO v. Kevin Dean Eastman Day 11

Watch Live: Love Triangle Double Murder Trial – CO v. Kevin Dean Eastman Day 11

Facilitating Introverts and Extroverts in a Mastermind Group

We all know there are two personality styles that are polar opposites of each others, right? I wish it were that simple. Introversion and extroversion are on a line, a continuum. Sometimes people will be strongly to one side or the other on that continuum, but often people exhibit mixed tendencies, especially in a group setting where there is rapport and trust. For example, an introvert might be shy around new people, but very gregarious around his mastermind group where he’s been brainstorming for six months.

Affordable Web Design – What to Look For

Whether you want to create a personal website, or have a website designed for your small business, church, or civic organizations, it’s important to have affordable web design. Thousands of web designers are online, all attempting to get your business. Certain considerations should be kept in mind before you make a decision to hire a company to design your website.

What to Do When Your Mastermind Group Flounders

Not how long will you live, how long will your mastermind groups live? People often start and join a mastermind group with high energy and high expectations. Several months into it, you can find your group flagging and floundering. People show up late or don’t come at all. People don’t participate. Energy levels are low and new ideas don’t really meet the needs of the members. Why does this happen? Four reasons.

Small Business Loans Tips To Help You

Trying to acquire your first small business loans can be hard if you do not know how things work. These helpful hints will help guide you along the way to owning and starting your own business. You should get to know your banker, as the bank is going to be very important with your financing of a small business.

10 Reasons Why Mastermind Groups Fail

Mastermind groups are an extraordinary way to help you accomplish success is your personal and business life. But I’ve seen too many mastermind groups fail, falling off the face of the Earth at an alarming rate. Here’s a short list of the most common reasons why mastermind groups fail.