Watch Live: Love Triangle Double Murder Trial - CO v. Kevin Dean Eastman Day 10

Watch Live: Love Triangle Double Murder Trial – CO v. Kevin Dean Eastman Day 10

Video Phones: The Benefits of Video Phones For Small Businesses

There is a wide perception that the latest technology of video phones intended for commercial use is just for multinational corporations and huge conglomerates. Every aspect of business operation relies on technology to achieve efficiency.

Growing Your Business Without Losing Your Mind

In order to start, grow and sustain a business, we need to engage in a myriad of hard business practices and pay attention to a variety of external business indicators. But unless we pay attention to our internal strategies, we’ll lose our passion and burn out. Making self-care and self-management a priority is a requirement of sustained business success.

Buying A Business For Sale

There are many advantages of investing in a business for sale. For the ordinary person, the first thought would be to start his or her own business but an entrepreneur who has good experience in the field is probably aware of the benefits of investing in something whose foundation has already been laid, even if that particular business went bust at some point. If nothing else, then one appeal of buying a business for sale is that it is definitely much simpler to raise capital for funding your investment as opposed to raising finance if you want to start a…

Understanding Market Segmentation Can Increase Your Profits

Effective market segmentation can be an incredibly valuable tool for increasing profits. However, to gain the benefit businesses must take the time to understand how the buying decision is made and how they will attract the potential customers in their target segment. Although this may sound straight forward, our experience is that sorting this out can be complex. But, the rewards are worth the effort.

Small Business Owners and Non-Profit Board Participation

Article provides a summary and description of the myriad benefits of non-profit board participation for small & medium business owners. Benefits range from networking to enhancing a company’s profile in the community.