Watch Live: FL v. Nikolas Cruz Penalty Phase - Parkland School Shooter Day 8

Watch Live: FL v. Nikolas Cruz Penalty Phase – Parkland School Shooter Day 8

Client Feedback

When was the last time you asked a client for feedback about your professional services and how your office staff works as a team? You might turn up some useful information by doing a client feedback session when their work is complete. I recently had an experience with a hospital that is an example of how frustrating a poorly working team can be. As a practice advisor for attorneys I am always looking for examples, good and bad, about how to run a professional services practice.

How to Get Your Foot in the Transcription Door

Tired of search the net for transcription jobs only to find that you don’t have enough experience? Have you tested and tested but no one ever calls you for an open position? Are you ready to start building a transcription client base so you can make real money with transcription? Have you been scammed by transcription schools claiming you can make big dollars once you are finished training?

How Text Message Marketing Helps Small Businesses

Mobile technology and its applications are being aggressively adopted by all and sundry. Being aware of this popular option for communication, many businesses have already started taking advantage of text messaging for their marketing activities. Here, let us learn some of the advantages of text message marketing to the small businesses.

The Beauty of an Initial Consultation

An initial consultation is an incredible marketing tool for your acupuncture practice if you use it as such. Much more often than not, if you can meet someone for a consultation, they will become your patient.

Top 50 Reasons Why It’s So Great to Work for Yourself!

Are you someone who would love to work for yourself? Be your own boss? Leave the rat race behind? Ever wondered why so many millions of people across the globe do go into business for themselves?