Watch Live: FL v. Nikolas Cruz Motions Hearing - Parkland School Shooter Day 3

Watch Live: FL v. Nikolas Cruz Motions Hearing – Parkland School Shooter Day 3

Moving From CCTV Cams to IP Cams

It has been more than a decade since people were introduced to IP cams. But still there are many places were CCTV cams are being used though IP cams are cheaper and easy to use. The reason being people are not given proper guidance as to how to shift from using CCTV technology to IP cams.

Working in Your Passion

Problem: People struggle with defining their passion. Solution: Ask yourself “What do I enjoy doing in my free time? What am I good at? What comes easy for me? What do I enjoy sharing with others? What would I do if money and time were not an issue?”

Starting a Gutter Repair Business

Advice on starting your own gutter repair business. Including choosing the right business name and marketing methods that should be taken into consideration.

Wedding Planning Certification Becoming the Industry Standard

The Wedding Planning industry has experienced explosive growth in the past few years. More and more engaged couples who are challenged with their own busy schedules are realizing they need to hire a professional who can assist them with the thousands of details involved in the planning and implementation of their big day. Many of these brides are choosing Certified Wedding Planners over others because they see the importance of hiring someone who is well trained and prepared to assist them in a professional manner.

The Significance of Church Goods

Have you ever wondered what the significance of various church goods is? Why is it that some very specific church goods are used? Why are they used in the way that they are?