WATCH LIVE: FL v Danielle Redlick - Wife On Trial For Murder Day 6

WATCH LIVE: FL v Danielle Redlick – Wife On Trial For Murder Day 6

Starting a Business – Do What You Love

One of the mistakes that I see people make when they decide to start their own business is that they just do what they have always done. What I mean by that is that they take what they have done working for someone else and go into business for themselves. Now, when I say this is a mistake what I really mean is that doing this without proper thought is a mistake.

Marketing Research Methods: The Basics You Have To Know About

Learn about different market research methods and the whole process required to research a market. How to use qualitative or quantitative research and how to interpret data collected.

Business Plan for Small Business – Picking Your Suppliers

When you are thinking of starting a small business and have developed a concept and are ready to move forward, you have to decide who you are going to use as suppliers for the various products and services you are going to require. These decisions are very important.

Minority Business Enterprise Centers For Minority-Owned Businesses

The Minority Business Development Agency, also referred to as MBDA, is an agency operating within the United States Department of Commerce that’s primarily responsible for the promotion of growth and competitiveness of the country’s minority-owned businesses. The MBDA has constituted the Minority Business Enterprise Centers (MBEC) Program wherein it aims to assist minority-owned business establishments by supplying them with electronic and one-on-one business development services for a reasonably nominal fee. The program is designed and created to provide a vast range of services to its clients, including initial consultations, and identification and resolution of specific business issues that…

5 Marketing Ideas for Small Business: 5 Ways to Get Customers Spending More

In this economy, you are likely looking for new ways to bring money in the door, and countless sales gurus are knocking on your door telling you how this or that new-fangled technology can make all your business dreams come true. But sometimes, the answers to our greatest challenges are sitting right underneath our noses.