WATCH LIVE: FL v Danielle Redlick - Wife On Trial For Murder Day 4

WATCH LIVE: FL v Danielle Redlick – Wife On Trial For Murder Day 4

Chiropractors – Be Proactive To Avoid OSHA Citations and Fines

A quick fact – Employers with one or more employees must comply with OSHA regulations. This is no different for Chiropractic Clinics they are required to meet minimum OSHA requirements if they have one or more employees. Knowing and understanding what OSHA regulations apply to you is key to avoiding citations and fines.

Image-Based Products – Easy and Consistent Profit Makers

For solo entrepreneurs and micro businesses, I recommend you create and develop image-based products because they are so comparatively easy to get started with and maintain. And because there are so many outlets for selling them online and off. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to be an artist, photographer or crafts-person or have special talents to get involved. Many non-artistic, all-thumbs people are profiting from image-based products right now.

How To Achieve Massive Business Growth

Are you making enough money right now? Do you even know how much profit your business is capable of making? Perhaps even more importantly, do you have a plan of how to grow your business profit and business value into the future? I think you will be amazed at how easy it is to achieve massive business growth if you simply focus on what is important.

Are Your Customers Making Your Life Miserable?

While “rules” may seem contrary to the notion of putting the customer first, they actually make it easier to meet your customers’ needs. Establish the “rules”for doing business with you; your customers will, in fact, be much easier to please if they know what to expect. Wendy’s and doctors’ offices are examples of two business models that have “trained us to do business with them.”

Contractors Should Avoid Procrastination When It Comes to FEMA Registration

After a record number of disasters in 2011, vendors are urged to register ahead of time in order to be eligible for future FEMA contracting opportunities. Procrastination may lead vendors, especially small businesses in affected communities, to miss out on contracts.