WATCH LIVE: FL v Alan Wade Penalty Phase Retrial Day 2

WATCH LIVE: FL v Alan Wade Penalty Phase Retrial Day 2

Historical Notes Can Save The Day

OK – the phone rings, you pick it up and it’s a client you have been trying to close for months. They start talking to you about the last conversation you had, and you really wish you could remember what was said previously… In fact, if you don’t catch on to this really fast, you will lose them! Database to the rescue!

Relational Databases Make It Easier

The purpose of having a database is to make it easy to handle your data. The way you store and structure your data plays an important part in how easy and simple it will be to work with.

Newsletters That People Will Read

Do you get frustrated when you find out that your customers and prospects are not reading your newsletters? It’s so easy for them to just hit “delete” when they arrive in their In-Box. How do you get them to actually read your stuff?

Easy Business Plan

How much money would you like to make in your business, online or offline? Does it motivate you when I say you can do an easy business plan? And does it add to that motivation if I say that an easy business plan can be and is a fundamental step to ensuring your business has every chance of succeeding. By now you must know that earning a good income with an Internet Business, or even an offline business, is not something that is accomplished quickly.

Small Business Management Success

It is one thing to get a small business up and running it is another thing to successfully manage it. You will find that this is an ongoing challenge. The business must be cared for so it becomes profitable.