WATCH LIVE: Civil Trial Over Dog’s Shooting Death Day 2

WATCH LIVE: Civil Trial Over Dog’s Shooting Death Day 2

Looks or Practicality? Which Should Triumph When Designing a Bar?

There are hundreds of bars, clubs and pubs out there and each one will be subtly different in its design. Although we might take the presence of the bar for granted, great thought goes into its design. This article looks at the different requirements of a good bar.

I Quit My Job – Online Business Ideas

Are you are thinking about becoming an Online Business Guru. If this is you then there is a plan that should be followed. Leaving your regular day job and plunging yourself into the online business world can be a frightening experience for new comers. The best approach is to not quit your job straight away and burn all of your bridges. Look after all of the relationships both business and personal that you have built up over the past years. These can become one of your best assets while moving forward. Some of these people could end up becoming a valuable of your team in the near future.

Cash Flow Is More Important Than Profit

When operating your business, your priority should be cash flow first, then profit. You need positive cash flow to keep your business moving forward. Once you have positive cash flow, you can work on improving your profit.

Auctions for Storage Units – Are They Worth the Trouble?

There is perhaps no other reason why anyone would want to have anything to do with other people’s personal possessions sold in auctions for storage units other than to obviously make money out of it. It might sound a bit opportunistic to be looking to profit out of the misfortune of others who are struggling with money matters, such practice of auctioning the contents of storage units whose lessors are several months behind on their payments is supported by each state’s lien law. Participants in auctions for storage units need not worry as the same lien law also…

How Much Money Do I Need To Start A Business, Really?

Starting a business is increasingly becoming an incredibly attractive proposition if not the only choice for many Americans today. There are endless types of businesses you can start but if there is one thing we should have learnt from the recent economic crash it is that it pays to be well capitalized.