Wait, THAT's her pet cat?! #PersonalInjuryCourt #CourtShow #Cats #Pets

Wait, THAT’s her pet cat?! #PersonalInjuryCourt #CourtShow #Cats #Pets

A Guide to Making an Injury Claim Against Your Employer

Have you been involved in an accident at work and you are in a dilemma whether or not you should take your employer to court? Before anything else, get this right; it is your right to demand for compensation from your employer in case you have been injured at work.

Claims For Tripping At Work

Tripping is something that is considered to be light and minor to the extent that it is ignored completely. However, there are instances that you might trip and injure yourself. The injuries can be minor or major depending on how you fell down.

Did You Stumble Over Boxes At Work? You May Be Able To File For a Compensation Claim

Are you afraid that you might lose your job position if you took your employer to court demanding for compensation for injuries that you faced? If this is the case then you need not to be afraid considering the fact that the law is there to protect you from unfair dismissal from work.

Do You Really Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Accidents at work are inevitable and the main thing that is normally taken into consideration is whether your employer strives to provide for safety at work. If your employer is negligent, you have all the rights to sue them in case you were involved in an accident at work.

Factors That Will Affect The Time Taken To Complete An Injury Claim

Indeed there are different jobs that we can engage in out there. This means that workplaces are different. Risks to be faced in these workplaces are also different. Accidents at work will vary depending on the type of jobs that we engage ourselves into.