Voicemails Left for Tara Grinstead After Her Death Played in Court

Voicemails Left for Tara Grinstead After Her Death Played in Court

Get Out of Your Own Way

Don’t allow YOU to be the reason that YOU don’t get to where you wanna go. You should always focus on being the one pushing yourself in direction of growth.

It’s Time to Reflect and It’s Time to Plan

It’s the end of 2012. How did your business do this past year? Now is the time to step back and look at your business’s performance this past year as well as your own personal performance running it. This kind of assessment is critical to understanding your business and is the beginning of planning for your success in 2013. This is an opportunity to step back and design what you would like your business to be in the coming year. It’s not the plan that’s important, it’s the planning. The end result will be that the quality of your thoughts will improve leading to better decisions and better actions.

Secrets to Small Business Success

The secrets to small business success are important for people who are just starting up or thinking to improve and grow their business. The 2 main things are creation of a flagship product and efficient marketing. This article talks about how you can identify your potential flagship products and some marketing strategies.

How Can What I Say To Myself Change My Life and Business?

I have been asked this question over and over in my life and my work as a Peak Performance Coach and Turn Around Specialist. It has been asked equally between my business and personal clients and friends.

Standard Contract Agreement: How Arbitration Clauses Put Your Business At Risk

Standard contract agreements found on the web have small print clauses in them that you may not be aware of. And as we all know, “The big print giveth and the small print taketh away.”