Video Shows Police Capturing Escaped Inmate & Correctional Officer in Indiana

Video Shows Police Capturing Escaped Inmate & Correctional Officer in Indiana

Tracking and Growing Your Small Business

Many small business owners get caught up in the daily grind, working in their business instead of on their business. Owners get caught putting out the daily fires and lose sight of the big picture. When I speak to Business owners, I often realize they don’t see or even know the big picture.

Why We Won’t Do Business With You

One of the things I love most about interacting with other businesses is seeing ways we can constantly improve in our own business. There are also times when it makes me shake my head — some businesses who complain about a lack of customers and clients need to look at their service, their client care, in all departments. A few examples from last week…

What Does the Fable, Chicken Little, Have To Do With Attracting Clients?

There’s an old folktale called Chicken Little. It’s a story about a chicken who believed the world was coming to an end all because an acorn fell on his head. Throughout the story, he kept shouting, “the sky is falling!”

Anti Bacterial Steam Cleaners For Gyms And Fitness Centers

Anti bacterial steam cleaners are a much-needed piece of equipment for maintaining sanitation in gyms and fitness centers. These vapor steam machines use dry vapor to melt grease and soften dirt, and make their removal easier.

The Advantages of Having Your Own Small Business

Entrepreneurs are born every day based on the idea of fulfilling one’s ambition in providing a better life for their family and the freedom to do the work that they were meant to do. There are many people that are taking the big leap in opening up their own business with the hope in earning a profit to quit their day job. There are advantages in having your own business and we want to help you about these benefits.