Video Shows Johnny Depp Angrily Slamming Cabinets During Argument with Amber Heard

Video Shows Johnny Depp Angrily Slamming Cabinets During Argument with Amber Heard

Postcard Marketing Ideas for Business

Using postcards for your marketing can be very effective. Postcards have a number of advantages: they’re relatively cheap, there’s no envelope to open, done well they can be highly effective. You can use these ideas for postcard marketing to help increase your business sales.

Do You Bill Your Clients The Right Way?

Most small businesses think they do it right. Still, there are times when they don’t have enough resources to keep up with the cash flow of their business. Of course, there is nothing as satisfying as getting paid on time, but the questions is – how frequently do you get paid on time?

Three Smart Ideas for New Business Owners: Firing Employees

You are so excited to get to work and start making money with your brand new business. Things go perfectly for awhile and then one day you discover that one of your perfect employees isn’t such an angel after all. He’s been stealing from you and you have proof. You cannot tolerate this type of behavior. You are going to have to fire your employee and replace him with a new person. What do you do now?

How Do We Form the Plastic Items We Use?

Where ever you are at the moment, if you look around you will see plastic. If you are using a computer to read this article, you will probably be touching some. Plastic has revolutionized the manufacturing industry, and is continuing to do so every day. New uses for existing plastics are being found, and new types of plastics are being developed to fulfill needs.

Seven Steps to a More Profitable, More Scalable, More Sustainable Business

Businesses really thrive when they have predictable repeat business or recurring income streams. So if you’re not in a business that has a natural repeat business cycle, then one of the most important things you can do is spend time creating a strategy to build repeat or recurring income streams.