Video Shows Father Punch Son's Killer During Court Hearing

Video Shows Father Punch Son’s Killer During Court Hearing

How to Create a Best-Selling Coaching Program

Are you on the verge of something great? Have you been feeling stuck? If you talk to anyone who really knows me, they’ll tell you that I don’t waste any time when it comes to new ideas. I need to flush them out pretty quickly and get into action, or I’ll be walking around thinking of nothing else.

Tips for Starting a Medical Practice Business

Thinking about starting a medical practice business? Consider the following tips.

Dog Pros: Don’t Give It Away

Wherever it happens, you know how it goes. Someone asks you what you do. You tell them. Next thing you know you’re listening to their dog problems and being pumped for free advice. And it’s a funny thing – we often feel compelled to give it. Sometimes because we don’t know how to get out of doing so, sometimes because we love what we do and enjoy talking about it, and often because we care about dogs and want to see them get the help they need.

Lessons In Business Success From Muhammad Ali

Whether you like boxing or not there is no question that Muhammad Ali still remains a respected figure when it comes to becoming a champion and achieving great success. So what can you learn from him and apply in your own business in order to realize your own great success?

How Dog Pros Can Build Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a highly prized and sought-after commodity. Often misunderstood as the ticket to success, the truth is you can’t start a business with word of mouth. You need a lot of people talking before WOM reaches an effective tipping point, but once there, few things are better for building and maintaining a strong business. Careful cultivation of WOM – in your community and online – is well worth the effort.