Video Shows 4-Year-Old Shooting at Police to 'Free' His Dad

Video Shows 4-Year-Old Shooting at Police to ‘Free’ His Dad

Are You Playing BIG?

There is a lot of talk about reaching your full potential, peak performance and business success principles. These tools and teachings are important, however there is one single underlying condition I notice with my clients that trips up entrepreneurs. It shows up as a sense of struggle, under-performance and frustration.

Printing Tips – 3 Reasons a Photocopier May Not Be the Best Way to Handle Your Printing Needs

Many businesses rent photocopiers thinking that it saves the business money. They rent a photocopier with multiple functions, such as collating, double-sided printing, even color capabilities. What they don’t realize that they aren’t always saving money, and often are paying far more than they should for services that could be contracted to a local printer. That office photocopier may not be the best way to handle your printing needs.

Stop Chasing Prospects

Finding clients can feel like a full time job! Running all over town from networking meetings to coffee appointments trying to shake out a few solid leads is frustrating and a BIG waste of time. If this is your case you may want to consider focusing in on 10-20 ideal people follow these steps to ramp up your results.

Cutting Costs For Your Small Business

The economy may be turning around, but there are still companies out there that are struggling, still looking for ways to cut costs without negatively impacting their day-to-day operations. Employers are beginning to breathe easier, but layoffs, pay cuts, and benefit reductions are still very real options, and cutting costs has never been a higher priority.As an employer, what can you do to cut costs other than laying off your workers? Sometimes, the little things can make the difference between keeping a good worker and decreasing your staff. Small cutbacks can combine into real savings, which can help your company — all of you, together — weather the tough times.

How to Maximize Small Business Phone Solutions by Using All the Added Phone Features

Modern small business phone systems help companies do more with less. If you know how to use features such as a free business phone number, auto-attendant, intelligent call routing, and more, you will be able to maximize performance for minimal cost.