Video Allegedly Shows Woman Shooting Man at Close Range in Philly

Video Allegedly Shows Woman Shooting Man at Close Range in Philly

Online Work Schedules – Five Reasons Why You Should Use Them

All businesses have a few things in common, one of them is if you have employees you need to schedule those employees. Common issues with relying on paper schedules are; managers have to physically be at the business to post the schedule, employees need to call in to know when they are working, and it is not cost or time effective. Below is a list of how using online schedules can resolve those issues along with others.

Small Business Growth: It’s A Capital Idea

Having a trusted process for small business growth is one of the most important goals for reaching small business success. In starting your own business you want it to grow. This is good. Yet, as a marketing business coach, I have seen self-employed business owners who are running a small business that is no longer growing or can’t grow. Sometimes the business owner chooses to grow to a certain size. That is fine. This post is for the self-employed business owner, entrepreneur and solo professional who wants to grow and can’t.

Industrial Product Design

Industrial product design means turning a great invention into a real product that can be produced en-masse and that means that you can make a profit from it, find fame from it, or just use it yourself to your benefit. There are many great advantages to being able to turn something abstract in your mind into something physical and concrete that you can hold and manipulate, and particularly if you can manufacture it on an industrial level. Here we will look at how to use industrial product design to create a product that you can start making money from…

Finding the Right Fuel Tank

When you are going about finding the right fuel tank, there are some things you will need to consider. You are going to have quite a few options when it comes to the type of tank you can get, so make sure to first go online and see what you will have to choose from before selecting anything in particular.

How Do Small Businesses Weather a Credit Crisis?

The credit crisis has eased since its height in late 2009/early 2010 but banks and other entities are still reluctant to lend freely to small and medium businesses. Therefore, how are small and medium businesses practicing cash management and maintaining cash flow in a time when traditional access to credit and financing is still restricted?