VERDICT Reached in Trial of Ryan Duke, Man Accused of Murdering Former Beauty Queen Tara Grinstead

VERDICT Reached in Trial of Ryan Duke, Man Accused of Murdering Former Beauty Queen Tara Grinstead

Who Built My Business?

Obama is right; I did not build my business alone. He is wrong about who helped.

Protect Outdoor Party Equipment With a Fabric Structure

An outdoor party can require all different types of equipment to ensure the event goes over well. Regardless if you are sponsoring an award show, hosting a conference or any other outdoor event, a fabric structure will provide you with first class shelter to motivate, inspire and excite all of your guests. Events held outdoors can pose a number of unique challenges, including adverse weather conditions, water, uneven ground and harsh temperatures.

Preparing Your Business for the Federal Year-End Buying Season

During the fourth quarter of the federal fiscal year, which ends on September 30, government agencies are finalizing their acquisition for the year and assessing their remaining dollars to potentially check off a few items not purchased on this year’s wish list. Many small business contractors find that they can pick up a few hundred thousand dollars or even a few million dollars from various government customers during this period. So how can your small business land more dollars in this fourth quarter?

Tips for Solo Entrepreneurs, 5 Steps to Overcome Fear in Business

Entrepreneur seems an ideal dream for people who prefer to express their freedom and creativity by creating products or service that benefits people. However, the stumbling block that they must overcome is their fear in business. Hence, I am sharing tips for solo entrepreneurs to deal with their fear of starting a business.

Consider Car Haulers For Your Business

Commercial truck drivers seeking to get into a niche market in the trucking industry might take a look at becoming car haulers. Car haulers are specialty truck drivers who transport vehicles nationwide. This can be across town or across the country. Car haulers are also called car carriers which refer to the type of trailers used to haul vehicles.The terms are often used interchangeably. Car carriers are a sort of garage on wheels. Car hauler services are always needed by manufacturers that need to ship their vehicles and by people moving long distances that don’t want to drive their vehicles. An investment in a car hauler can be a good investment for owner/operators and small fleet owners seeking to diversify and increase their business.