Turn On The Electricity!

Turn On The Electricity!

Obtaining a Business License

Now that you’ve decided what type of business you would like to go in, it’s time to make it official. All businesses need at least one local, state or federal license to legally operate in the United States, so the next step is to obtain a business license for the state in which you would like to do business, which is actually a fairly quick and easy process. Laws vary state-to-state, but typically your state’s secretary of state’s Web site is where you should begin.

How the US Government Is Holding Small Business Back and Affecting Communities

The US economy has been extremely destructive to the small businesses across the United States. Small businesses employ more people than any other sector of our economy. The government has given loans and help to large companies, without holding them to the same standards that most small business are held to.

Create a Newsletter for Your Business

If you are a local small business owner, you need to realize that communicating often with your prospects and existing customers is essential in growing your business. One of the best relationship building tactics in business that’s known to increase customers walking through the door is newsletter publishing.

A Special Place in HELL for Women Who Don’t Help Other Women!

We all want to believe that women are all busy connecting, supporting and empowering one another, but reality is that some are not doing their part. What is causing women to lack compassion or become envious of other women? Why would you not want to share your knowledge or resources?

Services That Benefit Small Businesses (ESL Proofreading for Non Native Speakers)

Small businesses may utilize a variety of services to help run their business and achieve their business goals. No matter what your business may specialize in, there are multiple services available to help your establishment grow within your industry and provide your employees with necessary resources that will help them perform tasks efficiently. The following services are often used by many small businesses and help provide many valuable benefits and resources to help small businesses grow.