Trial for Man Accused of Murdering Wife, Kids & Dog Starts Monday (L&C Daily)

Trial for Man Accused of Murdering Wife, Kids & Dog Starts Monday (L&C Daily)

Booklet Tips – June Is Ideal

June is an ideal time of year in many parts of the northern hemisphere and in many businesses in a wide range of industries. Yes, other months have other advantages, positioning you for great success, depending on your market and your information products topic. Yet none is quite like June.

A Money Plan and Your Creative Business – More Than Just Figures

If you are a creative-artistic entrepreneur – your need for a Business Money Plan (or commonly referred to as a Budget) is a necessity for your best business creative good. This isn’t just for reasons of some business advisor or accountant telling you that you need it – you should want to need and rely on it as part of your “creative stream.”

Do Right By Your Business – Choose The Right Cash Registers

Need to pick a cash register for your business? Learn about the factors involved in making the right decision.

USP – An Example Without Competition

While walking through Provincetown (known as “P-Town”, it’s the very tip of Cape Cod) this weekend, DH and I entered “Whaler’s Wharf” – little shops on both sides of a building with the front and back and an atrium open to the elements. All of a sudden a necklace caught my eye. It was made from copper and just kept “looking” at me.

How to Make a Great Impression in the First Five Seconds

On average you have a total of five seconds to make a good impression when you meet individuals. Consider how quickly that five seconds goes by especially when you’re talking to a new prospect, on an interview, or meeting your date for the first time! Talk about pressure! Would having a deeper insight into how people tick help you to cultivate that relationship even in the first five seconds? You bet it would!