Top Moments of Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Camille Vasquez Cross-Examining Amber Heard (Part One)

Top Moments of Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Camille Vasquez Cross-Examining Amber Heard (Part One)

Buying The Right Salon Styling Chairs Is An Important Investment

Salon styling chairs and styling stations are a vital part of any hair salon. But in this competitive industry just having salon chairs and styling stations isn’t always enough. It’s important to have equipment and furniture that fits the overall look and feel of your shop, but it also needs to be comfortable for your customers and functional for your staff.

Compare Self Employment And Employment – Weigh Your Options

The facts are quite evident. Getting employed is quite difficult in most parts of the globe especially after the worldwide economic recession. In fact, millions of workers were laid off or became underpaid.

Is the Economy Good or Is the Economy Bad?

Another day of political ads and another wild mix of accusations and name calling from the political candidates for President of the United States, (Willard) Mitt Romney, and Barack (Hussein) Obama. Amazing what you can find in a name. Apparently Mitt doesn’t want to be called “Willy” and surely Obama doesn’t want to be associated with his middle name Hussein.

How To Find The Right Office Space To Rent

An instant office space for rent can not only save large and small companies alike a significant amount of money on expenses every month, it is one of the most practical solutions to businesses today for a multitude of purposes. Read on to learn how to find the best office space for your needs.

Starting a Business and Getting HR to Work for You

Every business, whether they have a headcount of 3 or a headcount of 3000 should have a HR (human resources) mindset. HR for a company of 3 you might scoff, how is HR relevant to a fledgling company that is only that size? The term HR or Personnel puts fear in some people’s eyes; they employ, they sack, they appraise and legislate, all the stuff, that you or I, would probably rather not have to do! However having a HR mindset is fundamental to any new business. Take away the corporate exterior, the term HR, should simply mean the talent, workforce or people that makes up your team. In that sense we are all HR and it should be our duty to make sure that part of the business is not only functional, but working as hard as it can be to get it right! With this in mind, he is our non definitive list of things you may wish to consider when starting a business from scratch…